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Top 5 dips that are Every Sandwich lover’s favourite

Top 5 dips that are Every Sandwich lover’s favourite

Sandwiches are one of the fastest snacks to make and we crave for it almost every time. Breads are available handily in almost every household today, and when you have some awesome dips to go spread on your sandwich or dip it in the dip sauce, then there’s no stopping. 

Read ahead to find some lip smackin’ dips to go with your sandwiches from Double Dippin, we are sure you’ll love ‘em. 

1. Cheesy Nacho Supreme 

Nachos are everyone’s favorite and there’s no doubt about it, so what would you say about Nachos Dip with Cheese, spread on a sandwich with your favorite veggies or toppings on them ? Mouth watering right ? This cheesy nacho supreme dip from double dippin makes your sandwich even more tasty. 

Pro tip: Crush some nachos in the spreading and give your sandwich an interesting taste.

 2. Sweet Cheddar Onion 

Tastes best when mixed with creamy cheese and toppings of corn, capsicum and bell peppers. This dip from Double Dippin is made from Onion powder, cheddar cheese, torula yeast, buttermilk, coconut oil, and sugar. 

3. Dragon’s Breath 

Just as the tagline says, ‘You wanted spicier, we’re giving it to you straight from the Dragon’s Mouth. This Dragon has a little southwestern flavor in its DNA’, it is sure a spicy dip that you will love. 

4. Smokey Crispy Bacon Ranch 

With ingredients such as onion and garlic powder, tomato powder, spices and much more, this dip from Double Dippin makes a good sauce to eat your cheese sandwich with. 

5. Asiago Peppercorn 

We got some spicy dips and some cheesy ones to make sandwiches as per your mood, but what if you are craving for something that is both spicy and cheesy? We say you go for Asiago Peppercorn dip. We know your reaction would be ‘Are You Serious? Asiago Peppercorn’! Yes Shawty, you heard that right. This spicy and cheesy dip mix from double dippin is a must try and a perfect fit for your cravings!

Be sure to try out these amazing dips from Double Dippin with your sandwich as dipping sauce or spread and let us know which one of these you liked the most!

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