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Top 5 dips mixes to go with your Non Veg Party

Top 5 dips mixes to go with your Non Veg Party

Like us, do you also love non vegetarian snacks, appetizers and meals? If so, then we have got some amazing list of dips from Double Dippin that you can try the next time you decide to cook your favorite non veg food. You can use these mixes as seasonings or make dipping sauce and spreads, or both! The list below is our personal favourite, but you can always mix and match as per your desire. Let’s now dive in some amazing dips Shawty! 

  1. Coconut Shrimp with Oley Chipotle

A deep fried Coconut Shrimp gives heavenly flavors to the taste buds, and when dipped in this medium spicy chipotle dip made with Oley Chipotle from Double Dippin, there’s nothing better! 

  1. Chicken Kebab/ Chicken Skewers with The Spicy Vampire

It is always good to go spicy with skewers, so we recommend using the The Spicy Vampire dip mix from Double Dippin for this platter. 

  1. Chicken Patties with Cheesy Nacho Supreme

Crispy, golden and tasty chicken patties are a favorite of almost all age group people. Whether you are making them at home or buying ready made ones for the get-together on the weekend, pair them up with Cheesy Nacho Supreme dip from Double Dippin and everyone will keep returning to grab some more! 

  1. Deep Fried Chicken Leg with Warning Habanero

Habanero might be one of the world's hottest chilli peppers, but that fact doesn’t stop us from including it in the dips menu! Reason being, the sour - smokey taste it has, making the Fried Chicken even more tasty! 

  1. Chicken Wings with White Cheddar Bomb Bacon

Barbequed chicken wings are just another level tasty, and if seasoned with Cheddar Bomb Bacon dip mix or paired up with a dip made from this mix, it tastes heavenly. Just the thought of this combination leaves the mouth watering! 

You can use sour cream or Greek yogurt as well for this one and we bet you there’s nothing better. 

The above dip mixes from Double Dippin are not just limited to these foods only, there are definitely a lot of other gourmet foods that go deliciously amazing with these and other dip mixes that Double Dippin has to offer, but the ones in the list above are our favourite! You can use Mayonnaise, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese or just any other non flavoured cream, as long as you are using the right amount of everything, we guarantee the dip sauces are going to be amazing. Don’t worry about the quantity of the creams to be used for making the dips because the directions are given on every dip mix packaging. If you try any of these combinations, do let us know in the comments below how good they turned out to be!

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