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Top 4 Non Vegetarian dips

Top 4 Non Vegetarian dips

A lot of us are non veg lovers, be it snacks or a good meal, it just feels incomplete to us if there's no non veg food included, for us the definition of a good meal is either a mix of veg and non veg or a complete non veg platter, and if the food has some amazing seasoning and dips to be served with then there’s no stopping! So why not include a non veg dip in the menu as well ? It’s just an icing on the cake! So here we are going to talk about 4 such dip mixes from Double Dippin which can be used as either dips or seasoning or noth the next time you decide to eat your favourite non veg item! 

1. Crazy clawd the lobster 

For a seafood lover, this dip mix is a blessing from Double Dippin. Serve it with your favourite seafood or any other food or even use it as a spread, either way, you are gonna love it! 

 2.Deadliest catch of the crab 

A dip mix worthy of every bite you take! With Crab extracts and red and green bell pepper, this dip mix is amazingly crab! You can get as creative as you wanna be with this mix from Double Dippin. 

3. Smoky Crispy Bacon Ranch 

This dip mix from Double Dippin goes great as a dipping sauce with any of your favourite snacks and add ons. 

4. White Cheddar Bomb Bacon 

A great pick for vegetable seasoning, makes a good choice for chips and pretzels. Double Dippin’s White Cheddar Bomb Bacon is a bacon lovers favourite from the store. 

These dip mixes from Double Dippin are easy to make and have a shelf life of upto one year. All you have to do is, add your favourite cream base such as creamy cheese, mayonnaise or cottage cheese and stir & chill for about an hour before serving, and you are good to go.You can also get these dips in bundles as per your requirement and enjoy a discount plus fast delivery!

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