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Game Night with a dollop of the healthy dips

Game Night with a dollop of the healthy dips

Football season is my favorite! On Sundays, we tend to skip the customary Sunday dinner in favor of making appetisers. While wings are usually available, dips are my preferred option. Dips can be made ahead of time and reheated just before serving. You can eat them all day long and never get tired of them! Like this White Cheddar Bomb Bacon and the Garlic Galore Dip, our favorite dips are cheesy and gooey. To be honest, I want them all, warm or cold! The best time for supporters to eat their emotions is during a game. The best thing you can do to control the grease killing your heart is to find the best healthy alternatives and condiments. Here is a list of all the dips that we as Double Dippin can offer.

Warning! Habanero-

This simple habanero dip is ideal for bachelorette parties, baby showers, football games, camping, and game nights. It's a terrific crockpot party dip that anyone can make! It's hot but not too spicy.

Caramelized Onion Dip-

This zesty, sweet, and savoury dip elevates vitamin A-rich pumpkin from the dessert realm to the party spread. The subtle flavors of cheese and caramelized onions call for crisp whole-grain and seed crisps in this outstanding bowl.

Deadliest Catch of the Crab-

Crab Dip is cheesy, satisfying, savoury, and delicious! This simple dish will add excitement to any party or game night, and your guests will undoubtedly like it! Cocktails taste even better when accompanied by this spicy dip that goes well with chips, crackers, or veggie sticks. And this appetiser meets all of the criteria for a crowd-pleasing entrée!

Ms Double D’s Dilly-

This vibrant Creamy Dill Dip is the ideal healthy accompaniment to all of your favorite fresh vegetables. It's packed with herby flavor for dill fans, and if you add Greek yoghurt, you'll get a creamy texture as well as nutritious advantages like protein and probiotics.

The bottom line is that just because it’s game day, it doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. You want to wake up in a food coma, not a real coma.

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