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5 Spicy and 5 Cheesy dip mixes to last you for the 4th of July

5 Spicy and 5 Cheesy dip mixes to last you for the 4th of July

With July the 4th around the corner, we have some big celebrations coming our way, which means there will be food, a lot of them! If you’re hosting a small celebration or know someone who is doing so and are looking for ways to make your party a happening one and want the guests to leave with a happy tummy, then you must read ahead to know what we have got in-store for you here! 

Regardless of whether you're searching for something spicy, sweet, or substantial, we have a lot of choices for you! When there’s a party, there are starters and snacks and we know they are incomplete without having sauces and dips to go with them. So we have curated a list of ‘must try dips’ from Double Dippin. Mind you, these dip mixes will guarantee that you have sufficient inspiration to last you for the 4th of July. 

Five Spicy dips to keep your taste buds awake 

Let’s Taco About’ it 

The Spicy Vampire 

Dragon’s Breath 

Warning! Habanero 

South of the Border 

Cheesy dips are everyone’s favourite. Period. Below is a list of 5 cheesy dips to try from Double Dippin 

White Cheddar Bomb 

Cream Amazing Asiago 

Sweet Cheddar Onion 

Are You Serious? Asiago Peppercorn 

Cheesy Nacho Supreme 

These tempting dips mixes will make certain to keep your guests returning for more dip sauce or seasoned food. And they are easy to make, since they don’t require cooking, so if you run out of dips at the party, you can make some more within minutes. You can also use all of these as seasoning for anything from Italian gourmet to chicken and burgers. All of these dips from Double Dippin are gluten free and a lot of them are vegan as well, so if you are someone who avoids products derived from any animals, we’ve got you covered! 

We hope we have been a savior for planning your party and have been of some use to you. For more amazing inspirations, ideas and dips, visit Double Dippin.

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