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3 Dips You can use to make your Healthy diet tasty!

3 Dips You can use to make your Healthy diet tasty!

To stay fit, it is important to workout. Some people choose the gym diet and gym exercises to stay fit. When we talk about the gym and the diet routine one has to follow, the one thing that comes to everyone's mind is that they need to eat food rich in protein and nutrition but some of the gym diets are boring, full of protein and boiled foods. So today we are going to talk about some lip smacking dips you can add to your diet. You must be thinking, Aren’t dips full of fat and calories ? 

We know dips are full of calories but some of these are good calories and can be added to your diet, so don’t worry we have got you covered. The calorie count to stay healthy should be around 1200 calories (minimum) a day, so if you plan well and divide your calorie intake per meal every day, you’ll be able to consume just enough calories without compromising the taste. Also, these dips from Double Dippin can be used as seasonings, so if you don’t want to add any cream cheese or mayonnaise to make a dip, you can just add it to your food as a seasoning. 

Now let’s dive in and see what dips can save your day and keep the taste buds happy! 

1. Cool Cucumber Ranch 

The calorie count for this dip is around 55 calories for 2 tbsp but the taste counts 100%. You can try this dip with veggie salad, broccoli tots and many other recipes. 

2. Oley Chipotle 

Spice up your boring boiled food with a seasoning of chipotle dip mix or make a dip and enjoy your healthy snack with a hint of medium spicy chipotle mix! This also makes a good choice for seasoning and is perfect for barbequed food, so consider using it on your cheat day. 

3. Eat Yo’ Spinach 

Spinach has 23 calories per 100g, hence it is loved by all health conscious people. This dip mix is made up of spinach, onion, celery (another low calorie veggie), hence this one is mandatory, and it has to be in your diet list! 

It just never stops at one dip, there’s nothing such a perfect quantity which will be enough when it comes to dips, but too much of it can hamper your diet. You can replace the use of regular mayonnaise with light ones or other substitutes such as greek yogurt, light sour cream or light cream cheese. All you have to focus on is to be sure of the quantity you are consuming if you want your calorie and fats level to match with your diet plans and keep a check on them. 

Other dips from Double Dippin can also be used to make low calorie dip that can be included in your diet plan but the above ones are our personal favourites!

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