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Spicy Hot Dipping Sauces You Need to Try Easy and Healthy

Spicy Hot Dipping Sauces You Need to Try Easy and Healthy

Let's settle one thing first, Which is the best dip flavour?

Spicy Dips

Throwing a party for your family and friends is fun, but it can also be stressful. If there’s one thing about hosting that should be easy, it’s the dip. You need a way to make easy party dips!

Gone are the days of wasting countless hours trying to come up with a tasty dip from scratch. No more spending your hard-earned money on expensive store-bought dips filled with preservatives and words you can’t pronounce.


Whether you’re hosting a game day viewing party or a backyard potluck, supplying an awesome spicy dip for your guests is essential. Hosting can be overwhelming, so let Double Dippin ease the stress of cooking with one of our mouthwatering spicy dips. You can use any of them as a dip, spread, or even a marinade. With five delicious options to choose from, you are guaranteed to impress your guests. The more you buy, the more you save, so be sure to stock up so you’re prepared for the inevitable moment when your guests come back begging for more.


Types of Spicy Dips


All five of our spicy dips are incredibly easy to make and pair well with just about anything. Serve them on the side with chips, pretzels, or vegetables. These versatile hot dips can also be added to nachos, burgers, hot dogs, shredded chicken, or whatever you like! Get creative and have fun with our hot dip.


Follow our basic recipes for a really quick and simple, yet utterly amazing dipping sauce.


You can make any of our dips from start to finish in under a minute. All you need is 1.5 cups of sour cream, 0.5 cups of mayonnaise, and your preferred Double Dippin flavor packet. Want to make a substitution? No problem. You can use any combination of sour cream, mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, cream cheese,cottage cheese, or any other non-flavored cream product. Enjoy this hot dip recipes, just make sure it amounts to 2 cups in total and you’re golden.


Some of the hottest dips out there can be unassuming, but definitely delicious. Here are some of our favorites!




This best-selling dip is perfect for all the garlic lovers out there. It has a great amount of heat that keeps on coming without being overwhelmingly spicy. The  gluten-free garlic flavor would pair well with just about anything you’ve got.



If you like heat, you are going to love this one. This gluten-free dip is one of our spiciest, thanks to the addition of the ghost pepper. This crowd-pleasing favorite has a smoky southwestern-style aftertaste that provides a delicious distraction from the heat.



Our traditional taco seasoning is ideal for most of your cooking needs. It’s not too spicy, but definitely has enough of a kick to wake you up. You can use this gluten-free flavor to make an awesome healthy dip or spread leasily ike the others, or use it to season your meat for killer tacos.


This southwestern-style dip has a sweet and smoky BBQ taste with a little heat. Our South of the Border dipping sauce makes the perfect marinade for sweet and sour fajitas or a flavorful dip for veggies and crackers.



If it comes with a warning label, you know it’s hot and gluten-free. Spicy lovers, this one’s for you. Made with habanero peppers, this is one of our spiciest dips. Use this flavorful dip as a chip dip or a dry seasoning for meat or fish. Don’t forget to warn your guests first!


Can Spicy Dips be Healthy?


Absolutely! Not only are our spicy dips incredibly tasty, but it's completely gluten free. Spicy food has several health benefits. Some of the top health benefits of spicy food include:


  • Speeds up metabolism.

    Spicy food has been proven to raise your metabolic resting rate and slow down your appetite.
  • Combats inflammation.

    Spicy food contains anti-inflammatory properties that have been used for centuries to treat conditions like headaches and arthritis.
  • Fights cancer cells.

    A component in chili peppers called capsaicin has been known to slow and destroy cancer cells.
  • Kills bacteria.

    Spicy food contains powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that are used to fight harmful bacteria in the body.
  • Adds longevity.

    According to a 2015 study, eating spicy food once a day was proven to lower mortality rates by 14 percent.


Still want to lighten up your spicy dip? Try using a combination of sour cream and Greek yogurt or omit the sour cream altogether and just use Greek yogurt. Trust me, the flavors of the dip will take over and make it amazing no matter what you use as the base!


How to Make Spicy Dips Cheesy


Any of our delicious spicy dips can be made cheesy in a variety of ways. You can mix and match your favorite spicy dip with your favorite cheesy dip to get the best of both worlds. For example, mixing the spicy Dragon’s Breath dip with the Cheesy Nacho Supreme dip would give you a spicy nacho cheese dip that is out of this world. Another way to make your spicy dip cheesy is by using cream cheese as the base instead of sour cream and mayonnaise. You could even add your dip packet, cream cheese, and any other cheeses of your choice to a pan over medium heat and melt it all together for a cheesy flavor bomb your guests will be drooling over.


What Does Spicy Dip Go With?

Everything! When it comes to our spicy dips, the opportunities are endless. Here are some of the best ways to use our delicious and versatile spicy dips:


  • As a dipping sauce for chips, vegetables, pretzels, and bread
  • As a spread on top of burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and sandwiches
  • As a marinade for chicken, beef, pork, and seafood
  • As a dry seasoning for taco meat, wings, fish, and steak




Whatever ingredients you put in your upcoming spicy dips, make sure to experiment and try something you wouldn’t try otherwise. Hot-dip recipes are definitely the best reason to be experimenting with alternative ingredients, so go wild! You’re sure to enjoy everything you pick up.

You can’t beat the versatility or taste of our incredible spicy dips. Completely gluten-free and made with no MSG or preservatives and only ingredients you can pronounce, our spicy dips are a must-have for your next viewing party or backyard barbecue. Once you try them out, you and your friends are guaranteed to be hooked. So, what are you waiting for?

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